Last minute cancellations (that do not appear in the printed programme)

Lavidas Room 1 14.30

Etxeberria Room 11 15.30 (WS 3)

White et al. Room 1A 12.00 (WS 12)
Amaral & Raynor Room 14 12.00
Gandón-Chapela Room 7 9.00

Bilbiie poster
Karatsareas & Sakel posterb
Fabrizio Room 15 11.30 (WS 17)

Micro-demos session: Tuesday, 17.30-18.55 Room 16

Dick Hudson, Jeanette Sakel & Graeme Trousdale: Linguistics Olympiads (with special focus on the UK Linguistics Olympiad)

Itziar Orbegozo, Ane Berro & Beatriz Fernández: Basque in Variation / Euskara Bariazioan (BiV): An online database on Basque morphosyntactic variation

Karolina Grzech: Language Landscape: online map for presenting linguistic research

Martin Haspelmath: ERC